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Indications UVA 365nm

- Psoriasis

- Atopic dermatitis

- Palmoplantar impetigo

- Intractable vitiligo


Dual Ultraviolet Light Therapy

Targeted dermatologic phototherapy for various intractable skin diseases. Dual narrowband light (UVB 308nm and UVA 365nm) allowing for optimal UV-therapy. Auto MED/ MPD test feature ensures safety and treatment effects.

Indications UVB 308nm

- Vitiligo

- Eczema

- Chronic urticaria

- Skin infections




  • Two choices of wavelengths (UVA and UVB)

  • Knob adjustable light density, treatment dosage & time

  • Auto MED/MPD test feature to ensure safety and efficacy

  • Automatic power correction for equal distribution of optical energy

  • Small handheld probes for easy treatment on any skin position

  • Footswitch control for convenient operation

  • Large touch screen and user-friendly interface

Dual ultraviolet therapy for intractable skin diseases
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