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SMART Laser  
1940nm Endovenous Laser
Ablation (EVLA)

The SMART laser from Lasotronix is most advanced laser on the market - ideally suited for your busy vein clinic. 

Due to the 4-fold higher absorption of the 1940nm laser in the interstitial water of the vein wall compared to 1470nm lasers, veins can be effectively closed with only 3.5 - 6.0 Watts and significantly less energy. The fluency of heat into the surrounding tissue is significantly lower and reduces the risk of skin and nerve lesions.

The modern user interface allows for safe and ergonomic operation. A metronome sound function supports constant fibre retraction rates and uniform ablation of the veins.

Different treatment settings can be easily set, stored and accessed at the touch of a finger.

High quality German radial emission laser fibers (400 and 600μm) and a 6F vein introducer set complete the system.

Laser EVLT z rękojeścią proktologiczną.jpg
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