Tethys and VELAS Pro 
1940nm Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA)

The desktop Tethys 12H laser and the stand-alone VELAS Pro 12H offer the optimal 1940nm laser technology for low-pain EVLT treatment.


With the high power of 12W even the largest veins can be safely closed. The German diode laser technology guarantees reliability and longevity. Both laser devices are compatible with all bare and radial fibers with standard SMA905 connectors (NA ≥0.22, 400 and 600μm).

The modern user interface allows safe and ergonomic operation. Thanks to the lightweight desk-top design, the Tethys laser can easily be taken to different treatment centers. The VELAS Pro 12H was designed for customers that prefer a stand-alone device.

Tethys 12H


1470nm Endovenous Laser
Ablation (EVLA)

The VELAS II 15D laser is ideally suited for a busy vein clinic. They have proved incredibly reliable which is reflected in a 3-year warranty.

The large colour touch screen with intuitive user-interface is simple to operate. Different treatment settings for different veins can be easily set, stored and accessed at the touch of a finger.

We offer High Quality Radial Emission Fiber (400 & 600 μm) with Teflon coating made in Germany and a EVLA Introducer Set complete our offering.


VELASII – 532nm and 980nm

Laser Ablation of Telangiectasia

Medical Laser

532nm (5W) and 980nm (30W)


Seals Telangiectasia percutaneously

with highest efficiency and precision.

- Telangiectasia on legs

- Telangiectasia on face and nose

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