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Non-invasive thermal Ablation

of Thyroid Nodules

Echopulse®  HIFU therapy enables the non-invasive thermal ablation of benign thyroid nodules.


The therapeutic ultrasound is combined with a standard ultrasound beam to control the accuracy of the treatment.


The automatic treatment algorithm focuses the therapeutic ultrasound on the nodule and ensures effective step-by-step ablation. The operator controls the treatment via a touch screen and always maintains full control.


The treatment takes about 45 minutes. For pain relief, an oral analgesic or local anesthesia is sufficient.

Echopulse can be operated by a single person in a nonsurgical environment.


The thyroid function is preserved. As the treatment is completely non-invasive no scars are left behind and there are no surgical related risks like infections or hematoma.


Clinical studies have shown volume reduction rates of 70% after 6 -12 months. 

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